“Way to get that shot up!”

I’d been having a good shooting day but…

I felt trapped. 

Stuck 15 feet away from the basket in a 1 on 1 pickup game.

I was facing a player who was taller, more athletic, stronger and longer than me. 

I picked up my dribble with no idea what to do. 

His defense was tight and so…

with a quick move, I tossed up a hook shot. 

You know those awkward shots? 

The ones that feel all wrong?

The ones where you’re throwing it up, trying to beat the defense?

The ones that sometimes fall through the basket like magic?

This was one of those shots. 

See, I’m not a hook shot kind of player. 

I practice my free throws and my layups. 

I practice my floaters and my three-pointers.

My footwork and my crossovers. 

Hook shots?

I’ll shoot them when I’m stuck.

I do my best not to get stuck. 

But, like most of us, it happens sometimes. 


this time?

The high arcing hook shot fell out of the air…

Stuck in time for a brief moment…



I smiled, shrugged my shoulders, shook my head. 

Amazed by the shot, by how perfect it was. 

And then he said it…

“Way to get that shot up!”

That’s when I felt proud of myself. 


Years ago, I would have never made that shot. 

Not only would I not have made it, I wouldn’t have taken it!

But as you practice your jump shots and your floaters…

Your lefty layups and your three-point shots…

You start to trust yourself a bit more. 




Business is similar. 

See, when you’re starting out…

You have to practice the fundamentals. 

Getting clear on your target audience. 

Doing market research. 

Talking to your ideal clients to find out what problems they’re experiencing. 

Offering and validating your solution. 

These are the footwork, jump shots and layups of building a business. 

If you don’t do them, you WON’T be able to impact more people. 

As a business owner, you have to put your ENERGY where it matters most. 

HELPING others reach their potential. 

Focusing on your PURPOSE. 

Being a LEADER in your space. 

Without your fundamentals in place, it can be hard to see great RESULTS.




In fact, if you rush through this process, you may find yourself feeling trapped. 




Always chasing down prospects. 

Talking to the wrong people. 

Unsure of which part of your business to focus on. 

Getting new clients can feel like a struggle. 

It’s a bit of a drag sometimes, am I right?

And when your VISION is about HELPING…

When your vision is about PURPOSE, PASSION & SERVICE…

Sometimes it hurts when you don’t have anyone to help.

Let alone always feeling stressed about bills…

Never having enough time to spend with your family…

Worried about shutting down your business…

Admitting to the people that you love…

“Hey, it didn’t work.”




That’s why, as a business owner, you know to focus on the fundamentals. 

Focus on your strengths and delegate the rest. 

See, I’m never going to be the tallest basketball player on the court…

I’m never going to be the BIGGEST or STRONGEST…

But I can be smarter, more efficient, know my sweet spots, know my moves. 

I can practice my footwork, practice my floater, practice my lefty layup. 

And in business, it’s the same!

Every day, I find a new area to dedicate time to for focused improvement. 

And I know you do the same. 

Between your family, your clients and your team…

You know that investing in proven systems is worth your time. 

Getting it done right the first time is cheaper!

Because when it comes to getting new clients... 

you don’t have the TIME to always chase down new prospects.


Personal branding?  

Content marketing? 

Those are long-term strategies. 

And you’re looking for results, quick.

Truth is, you’re looking for LASER FOCUSED targeting and messaging that gets you…

👉 More sales

👉 More clients


👉 Gives you stability

…with a turnkey system set up, managed and optimized FOR you!

Instead of wasting your energy trying to figure all the technical details out…

…you can work with a professional. 

Focused on delivering your BEST message to your IDEAL clients.




Over the past few years, I’ve been practicing my marketing fundamentals... 

...just like basketball. 

I’ve built and promoted a national tour with rotating regional lineups…

I’ve led a rebrand that has led to my client being a finalist for a significant federal grant…

I’ve helped my clients generate hundreds of new leads for their business and hundreds of thousands of new revenue.

Each of these campaigns use fundamentals…

Marketing strategies new and old…

Using market research and rigorous testing to prove each part of the process…

Using agreed upon benchmarks to earn my way through each milestone…

Working as a partner with my clients. 

Helping each of them grow their business.

Hard dribble left, quick jump shot. 

Dribble right, spin, dribble,  floater…

Spinning off my right foot for a lefty layup…

Perfecting the details. 

And I’d like to help you grow your business in the same way.

So if you’re feeling stuck on your path towards scaling your business…

If you’re looking for LASER FOCUSED targeting and messaging…

If you’re tired of wasting your energy trying to figure out your online marketing…

Schedule your free 15-minute discovery call below.

“Way to get that shot up!”


Discover Advertising Secrets Your Favorite Guru WON’T Tell You

Facebook Ads is a beast.

Behind the simple interface lies extensive research, designed for solo entrepreneurs and massive firms.

As you’re testing out new campaigns, creative and strategies, you’re probably thinking…

"Well, this is easy!!"

And then you look at your results and compare them to your favorite guru and get depressed.

Know the feeling?

Here’s the BIGGEST secret they WON’T tell you.

Usually, when you see those insane results….

Those are coming from a WARM or HOT retargeted audience.

Now, ignoring the lingo, this means those results are coming from people who have ALREADY BEEN ACQUIRED AND ARE PART OF THE MARKETER’S ECOSYSTEM.

So when you do the same thing, you’re missing the HUGE puzzle piece.

Getting new prospects into your system.

So here’s some SIMPLE adjustments you can make to get more people into your marketing ecosystem and sequences.

👉 Start your campaigns with a video with a campaign objective of VIDEO VIEWS


Video views count as engagement. This allows you to retarget anyone who has viewed a video from your Business Page for up to 365 days after their last engagement.

This is the most cost-effective way to get new, targeted prospects into your marketing ecosystem.


You’re able to create custom audiences based upon engagement or website traffic. Identify which engagement you’re tracking and at what stage of awareness those prospects are at. Create custom audiences and then retarget to the next step of your marketing sequence.


Advertise video. Retarget video views into lead magnet. Retarget lead magnet opt-ins into offers.

Make sense?


Once you have reasonable engagement, website traffic or conversions, set up lookalike audiences and have Facebook find the rest of the people who match the profile of the people who have taken the action you're targeting.

I hope this helps you get your business incredible results.

The key factor is understanding the strategy around which SPECIFIC stage of awareness you need to target your messaging towards.

Looking for “Done For You” Facebook Advertising Solutions?

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How To HACK Your Sales Process Using These Five SIMPLE Steps

Have you ever been through a brutal sales cycle?

Doing everything you can to help people, get some sales, grow your business….


…nothing seems to work?

I have!

As I was going through a brutal sales cycle, I recognized that what was wrong was because of one person.


So, with that realization in mind, I started to hack my sales process.

Reverse engineer.

Break my sales process down, piece by piece.

Now that I’ve identified and fixed the areas that needed work, I've decided to show you how to do the same.

See, there are FIVE simple steps that you need to check to make sure your sales process is working.

👉 Targeting & Messaging

👉 Qualification

👉 Appointment setting

👉 Questions

👉 Permission Close

So, let’s dive in and see how each part works, ok?

🏆 Targeting & Messaging

This is the work creating an ideal client profile.

Then, fine tune your messaging to attract those specific people.

The key point here though is that you are communicating with people that fit the profile of who you best serve.

🏆 Qualification

This is key.

Just because someone fits your client profile, that doesn’t mean they’re looking for what you offer.

It’s important to ask some preliminary questions before hopping on a call.

You can ask these questions in a chat or through an application.

Your goal is to ensure that the person you’re planning on talking to has need of what you are offering.

For example.

If a business isn’t in a growth period, they may not be looking for marketing services. And that’s ok! They’re not looking...


Take note and move on.

If a potential client is qualified, you can move onto the next phase…

🏆 Appointment Setting

One of the key performance indicators for service based companies is the amount of qualified appointments set.

Tracking this allows you to keep tabs on how many opportunities you (or your sales team) are having.

The more qualified calls you have, the more opportunities you have for new business.

Make sense?

How many appointments do you set per week?

Invest in relationships, show up in service, ask good questions and be willing to help.

And that leads well into the next segment…

The sales call.

And more specifically, asking questions.

🏆 Questions

This is essential.

Asking specific questions allows you to understand the business you’re supporting.

Here are some that I ask in every sales conversation.

📍“Can you tell me about your business goals over the next 12 months?”

📍“Perfect, I’m hearing your goals are ‘xyz’, is that right?”


📍“If your goals are ‘xyz’, what’s in the way of you accomplishing those goals?”

📍“Perfect, I’m hearing that what’s in the way is ‘xyz’, is that right?”


📍“So if you were able to accomplish {insert goals}, what would happen if that came true for you and your company?”

📍“Perfect, I’m hearing you'd be able to do ‘xyz’, is that right?”

At this point, you can start to ask more specific questions such as…

📍“If it’s ok to ask, what’s your average lifetime value of a client?”

This allows for a deeper stage of qualification.

If a client is worth $10,000 and you’re selling something for $6,000 that gets them new clients…

Well, seems like it’s a no brainer for them, right?

See, what you’re doing here is you’re using your questions to get them to share what they want to accomplish.

Have your prospect share why they want to accomplish that goal and then show them that the numbers work.

Create an emotional connection by attaching your questions (and product) to their goals...


...their emotional motivators.

All through asking questions.

And at this point, you’re able to lead them into the…

🏆 Permission Close

See, I’ve already been setting you up for the permission close.

📍“Perfect, I’m hearing what’s in the way is ‘xyz’, is that right?”

This is called mirroring. Also known as reflecting.

What you’re doing here is ensuring that both you and the prospect are on the same page…

That you’re both communicating.

Use these questions to clarify (and confirm) that you understand your prospect.

It’s best to do these between every major question.

Asking a quick clarification.

📍“So what I’m hearing is {insert prospect statement}. Is that right?”

This allows the prospect to feel heard (and validated!) and for you to ensure that you both are on the same page.

The next step of the permission close is to ask for permission to move the conversation forward.

Once you’ve gone through all the previous questions, you can start to ask….

📍“Ok, I’m confident I can help you. Is it ok if I tell you a bit about the process of how we work together?”

Then, explain the product, if they say yes.

📍“Ok, is it ok if I go over the structure and the numbers of how we work together?”

At this point, describe the contract structure, if they say yes.

Then, if you’ve gotten to this point…

📍“Ok perfect, so would you like me to help you accomplish {insert goals}?”

✅ “Perfect, what email do I send the contract to?”

See, by this point, they feel heard, understood, validated and understand that you help them.

Not through you TELLING them…

Through you LISTENING to them.

At this point, I recommend putting some sort of deadline for when the contract needs to be signed.

A great way to do this is to offer a slight savings if the contract is signed by {insert date}.

Then, you send over the contract, get it signed and send out an invoice.


There’s your sale! 🏆

So since this has been rather long, here’s a quick recap of which areas you need to hack in your sales process.

✅ Targeting & Messaging - Who are you talking to?

✅ Qualification - Are the people you’re talking to in need of what you offer and willing to spend money?

✅ Appointment Setting - Are you getting enough people on calls?

✅ Questions - Are you asking good questions and LISTENING?

✅ Permission Close - Are you asking for permission to share how you help them?

Curious how to get more sales without spending your valuable time finding new prospects?

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Do You Want More High Ticket Sales?

Sales are the lifeline of your business.

You have to recognize this and start to HACK your sales process. 

Break it down, piece by piece. 

There are a few key phases. 

✅ Targeting & Messaging - Who are you talking to and what are you saying?

✅ Qualification - Are the people you’re talking to need what you offer and able to buy?

✅ Appointment Setting - Are you talking to enough people?

✅ Questions - Are you asking good questions and LISTENING?

✅ Permission Close - Are you asking for permission to share how you help them?

Each of these phases has it’s own problems but…

For service based business owners, we’re going to zero in on segment THREE. 


This is the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR for our business in marketing and sales. 

The Amount of Qualified Appointments = The Amount of Sales

Let’s say you sell every 5th prospect that you talk to. 

25% closing rate. 

Great work!

Ask yourself. 

“How many appointments would I need to hit my business goals?”

Let’s say your goal is four sales.

If you close one in five qualified appointments, you need 20 QUALIFIED appointments to get your four sales…

Make sense?

This is what hacking your sales process looks like. 

Our job is to help you get there.

Would that help you out?

If yes, schedule your free 15-minute discovery call here:

📈 This One Metric Supercharges Your Service Business Growth

Did you know lots of entrepreneurs don’t know how to get consistent sales for their service?

Entrepreneurs are a funny bunch. 

We often make jokes at the expense of people working ‘regular’ jobs, only to sign ourselves up for starting a business with… 

🛑 No guaranteed pay. 

🛑 No benefits.

🛑 No guarantee of success beyond our own commitment to the vision. 

Sounds crazy, right?

For many entrepreneurs, this leads to a roller coaster. 

Some months we’re making great money and feeling on top of the world, and…

Some months… 

…we have no idea where our next sale is coming from.

Sounds familiar?

This roller coaster leads to overwhelm, stress and burnout. 

This is a two-part problem. 




The first is a problem of design. 

The second is a problem of analytics/tracking. 

Let’s break these down with some nuance. 

When I say design, I don’t mean visual design. 

I mean system design. 

Many entrepreneurs are busy chasing down every opportunity…

👉 Spending hours networking 

👉 Staring at Facebook for hours on end

👉 Endless prospecting without clarity or focus 

👉 Blowing time and money going to networking events

👉 Talking to the wrong people

👉 Dealing with prospects that don’t have the funds to invest

Many entrepreneurs waste INSANE amounts of time and energy on non-productive time traps. 

Know the feeling?




This is where system design comes into play. 

Once you know your customer and service, the next step is to identify exactly WHERE and HOW your sales occur. 

Then, once you have this awareness, you begin to reverse engineer the process to reach sales. 

Simple example…




Many online service providers sell services through digital meetings.

If your goal is to get sales, and sales happen on online meetings, then you need to set appointments, right?

Ask yourself. 

“How do I set appointments?”

This process of reverse engineering your sales process identifies the highest value actions in your business. 

Once you outline your process, double down and cut out all the noise!!

This is what I mean when I stated that many entrepreneurs face issues of system design. 

They don’t have systems in place to hit their marketing and sales goals. 

This leads to the second issue many entrepreneurs experience. 

Tracking and analytics. 




How many appointments do you need in order to get a sale?

Do you know that answer?

Without knowing your numbers, you may find yourself challenged when aiming for your business targets. 

As you identify these numbers, you’re able to measure your performance and see where you can improve. 

Let’s say you’re running an ad campaign. 

You know that approximately every (X) amount of email signups lead to an appointment booked. 

Now you can analyze and say… 

Am I getting email signups? 

Are they at a sustainable rate?

Am I hitting that scheduled appointment target? 

Are these qualified appointments?

From here, you have a system and know your numbers. 

Then, you can systematically identify EXACTLY which area in your marketing sequence needs improvement. 

Does this make sense?




What’s one key metric to supercharge your service business growth?


👉 You want to track the number of QUALIFIED APPOINTMENTS you’re having. 

If you get one sale for every five qualified appointments (20%) and your target is three sales, then you know you need 15 qualified appointments. 

See how easy that is?

Then, you’re able to identify the exact actions needed to get those appointments booked. 




The logical next question is, what’s an effective way to book those appointments at scale?

This is a question we’ve spent years focused on.

We both know spamming people saying “hey buy my thing!!” doesn’t work. 

We test tons of different kinds of lead generation. 

Each has it’s place. 

However, here’s one of our favorite methods. 




👉 Free value training or value PDF > appointment campaigns




The reason why we love this campaign is because once they’ve read or watched your content, they see you as their expert. 

By giving them a high-value resource that helps them, you’ve triggered the reciprocity principle, meaning they want to give back. 

This helps speed up your sales process. 


They know you, they like you, they trust your expertise and they want to give back to you. 

See how powerful this is?

This is not ideal for every business model. 

However, if you’re looking to educate your prospects before they get on a call…

…this campaign is dynamite. 

Now you know how to track your sales success and you know a proven way to get appointments. 

However, you may be wondering how to build this campaign. 

This is where we help you. 




Our world needs more leaders, innovators and change makers like you. 

We have a future to build and you’re doing your part to help. 

We’re honored to help you get there. 

Ready to start?

Schedule Your Free 15-Minute Discovery Call Here:

How To Create Your First Facebook Ad (4/5)

How To Create Your First Facebook Ad (4/5)

If you’ve been reading along with this series, you’ve already identified your target audience, chosen the visual content and have written your copy for your advertisement. So what’s next?