Why You Need To Do Lead Generation On Social Media Right Now

Here’s the facts.

At this time, social media advertising is inexpensive compared to other options.

This won’t stay true for long.

Costs continue to rise on social, accelerating further as more budgets are allocated.


The combination of targeting through demographics, behaviors and interests creates the ability for hyper-targeted outreach.

Last holiday season was an indicator. 

Costs will continue to rise, especially during peak periods.

This means advertisers have two skills required.

The first is campaign creation, a process of research, analysis, strategy, copy and sequence.

The second is responsible management of spend.

This is accomplished in campaign design, although some have scope creep.

The reality is, lead generation on these platforms will soon become unsustainable for small business or startups.

Don't listen to me.

Go watch Gary Vaynerchuck say this in a keynote.

It’s happening sooner than you think.


If you want a new customer list or to reach new markets on local, regional, national or international scale...

Start now.

It’s responsible management of spend.

Curious how to start?

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