How A Business Owner Can Leverage Positioning For Organic Growth

Strategy is key for brand management.

Whether paid or organic, it is essential to develop a strategy fine tuned to business need as well as designed for business growth in a sustainable & measured manner. Every step matters, so why not review the map before going out to sea?

Partnerships are often underutilized as a growth tool, same as collaborations (listed below). 

A partner is a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. Partnerships can be fruitful for parties looking to introduce their project, business or company to a new audience. There is a shared benefit of increased credibility for both sides as well as opportunity for up & comers to leverage partnerships for a credibility & visibility boom. Partnerships do often involve commitment from both sides. 


Collaborations are closely affiliated with partnerships.

A collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something. The end benefit is similar to a partnership, although there is less commitment from both sides. These benefits include introducing a project to a new audience as well as increased credibility for both or either parties.


Targeting through your messaging is one of the most important ways to create positioning.

This can be seen in copywriting, where word usage is directed specifically towards an audience (hey, business owners!) This can be translated to other formats as well. For example, a video designed for a younger group may not be ideal for a older community. 


Social proof is essential as an organic growth metric.

This includes but is not limited to, testimonials, reviews, engagement, word of mouth & referrals. All of these are essential as a focus point & growth tool within a business. The more social proof, the better because this can expedite the nurturing process of inbound clients. Data analytics offer trackable metrics as well that can be utilized in much the same way. 


Public presentation is essential for organic growth.

The majority of us are trained over time, becoming immune to advertising & marketing. This constant barrage has fine tuned the average viewer’s perception & understanding of media.

This has created an audience that can, on a subconscious level, analyze a presentation & project relative value.

Cohesion & quality across a project’s public presence are key.

Formatting is essential to proper presentation. It’s important to design content for each platform or publication. An image for a billboard is likely not  the same image for a profile picture. 


Consistency is the most essential element once a project or campaign has begun in terms of organic growth.

This can be viewed as short term. “I have to post every day or I’ll lose my brand credibility.”

This is flawed.

The perspective is one that is built with years as the beginning of the timeline.

Positioning is often about trust developed over months or years.

A large part of consistency within positioning is in order to develop trust with the audience as a respected, known & stable entity. This is why showing up in the brand is important when starting out.

Potential clients are eager to work with those they recognize as established, stable & knowledgeable entities. Where do you buy your groceries?


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