How To Create Your First Facebook Ad (2/5)

Visual Content

Now that you know who you’re talking to (you wrote out your target audience, right?)…it’s time to begin making your ad. 

The first step here is identifying and/or creating your VISUAL CREATIVE.

You’ll want to select multiple images or videos that communicate your brand MESSAGING and POSITIONING

It’s important to ask yourself, what message do you want to deliver? What do you want to communicate to your audience? What narrative do you want to use? 

Here’s an important question.

What primary EMOTION do you want your target audience to feel when they interact with your ad?

When making this decision, ask yourself, is this aligned with your ideal client profile and brand values?

Once you have this clarity, you’ll want to ask yourself…

“Where will I be sourcing the visual content from?”

Do you know?

Will you be using IMAGES or VIDEO?

What budget do you have for visual content, if any?

Will you be using STOCK or ORIGINAL content?

These questions will inform your decision on styles of content in terms of whether you create them or how you source them. 

Remember, it’s important to maintain the narrative while going through this process of selection. 

Ask yourself, what’s the goal of the visual? Is to draw attention? Is it the primary focus (i.e. viral vid)? Is it to drive traffic? Is it to tell extensive narrative? 

Create or find multiple images and/or videos that fit within your answers to the above questions.

Now here’s what you do next. 

Place them all your visual content into a folder. That's it.

We’ll focus on the copy in the next article….

Are you taking action yet?