How To Split-Test Your Facebook Ads

So your Facebook ads aren’t converting the way you want.

Here’s what you do…

The first step is to check whether your audience is converting or clicking on your ad. If they are clicking and your landing page isn’t converting, then this means that you have work to do on your landing page. If they aren’t clicking on your ad, then you have work to do on your ad or your offer. 

For simplicity’s sake, let’s imagine that the first version of the ad is getting a reasonable amount of clicks but the landing page isn’t converting where you want. 

In this scenario, you want to review your LANDING PAGE. Do you have big, easy to read buttons on your landing page? Conversion research shows that BIG BUTTONS generally convert better. Also, it’s always a good idea to have a button available to click before someone has to scroll. That way, if they don’t know how to scroll (it’s possible!), they can still get the piece of content you offer. 

The next step to fine-tune your landing page is to make sure you have FOCUSED copy. This means that you want your language to focus on the SELF-INTEREST of the READER (with proper targeting, the reader is your ideal client or customer).

Does your copy speak to your target audience’s self-interest? 

Your landing page doesn’t have to be beautiful. But it does have to be INTUITIVE, straightforward, have a clean AESTHETIC as well as have CLARITY as to what is being offered and how that offer can be redeemed. Many people underperform in this realm. 

Some software will allow you to split test different versions of landing pages against one another to find which one performs best. 

Once you’ve re-tuned your landing page, you’ll want to run some tests to confirm that your lead/conversion cost is starting to go in the direction you’re aiming for. If it hasn’t changed, rinse and repeat. If it still hasn’t changed, review your offer with a sense of honesty.     

Continuing with this scenario, we’ll presume that after fine-tuning, the conversion cost has started to trend downwards. Great! We’re done! Yay! 

Not so fast... 

The next step is to split test your advertisement. 

How do you do this? 

There are FIVE primary stages of SPLIT TESTING your advertisement. 

The first is testing your visual content. If you’re using video, you’ll want to have multiple versions to see which one performs best (if budget allows). 

With IMAGES, you want 10 to 15 pictures that convey brand messaging & identity while speaking to the self-interest of your viewer. 

Each of these images will be set into their own ad, tested against each other with small ad buys to find the most cost-effective image. The same can be done with videos. 

Once a final piece of visual content has been selected as the best performer, the next step is to split test your HEADLINE. 

Most experienced copywriters write anywhere from 10 to 30 headlines for every piece of copy they create. 

You can use the ad space to split test headlines to find the best performing headline. Remember, your headline is how you bridge your audience into reading your body copy. Are you speaking directly to the self-interest of your ideal client in your headline? 

The next element to test is your BODY COPY. Are you writing short form or long form copy? Are you telling a story or making an offer? What’s the narrative and substance within the advertisement? 

Testing out different angles for your copy will help bring your cost even lower. 

Although unnecessary if you have clarity as to your focus, if running a large-scale campaign, you may want to consider testing different OBJECTIVES against each other. You may be surprised at the results! 

Another element that you can test is the KEYWORDS used to find your audience. Split testing keywords is best done by having a single keyword per ad set so that you can identify which 

keywords perform best. This way, once you’ve finalized your landing page and your best performing ads, you can expand your audience in a measured and economical way. 

Make sense? 

At the end of this process, you’ll have multiple variants along each step of the way with the knowledge of exactly what changes made the difference. 

What are you waiting for? 

Start split-testing! 


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