Do You Want More High Ticket Sales?

Sales are the lifeline of your business.

You have to recognize this and start to HACK your sales process. 

Break it down, piece by piece. 

There are a few key phases. 

✅ Targeting & Messaging - Who are you talking to and what are you saying?

✅ Qualification - Are the people you’re talking to need what you offer and able to buy?

✅ Appointment Setting - Are you talking to enough people?

✅ Questions - Are you asking good questions and LISTENING?

✅ Permission Close - Are you asking for permission to share how you help them?

Each of these phases has it’s own problems but…

For service based business owners, we’re going to zero in on segment THREE. 


This is the KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATOR for our business in marketing and sales. 

The Amount of Qualified Appointments = The Amount of Sales

Let’s say you sell every 5th prospect that you talk to. 

25% closing rate. 

Great work!

Ask yourself. 

“How many appointments would I need to hit my business goals?”

Let’s say your goal is four sales.

If you close one in five qualified appointments, you need 20 QUALIFIED appointments to get your four sales…

Make sense?

This is what hacking your sales process looks like. 

Our job is to help you get there.

Would that help you out?

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