Discover Advertising Secrets Your Favorite Guru WON’T Tell You

Facebook Ads is a beast.

Behind the simple interface lies extensive research, designed for solo entrepreneurs and massive firms.

As you’re testing out new campaigns, creative and strategies, you’re probably thinking…

"Well, this is easy!!"

And then you look at your results and compare them to your favorite guru and get depressed.

Know the feeling?

Here’s the BIGGEST secret they WON’T tell you.

Usually, when you see those insane results….

Those are coming from a WARM or HOT retargeted audience.

Now, ignoring the lingo, this means those results are coming from people who have ALREADY BEEN ACQUIRED AND ARE PART OF THE MARKETER’S ECOSYSTEM.

So when you do the same thing, you’re missing the HUGE puzzle piece.

Getting new prospects into your system.

So here’s some SIMPLE adjustments you can make to get more people into your marketing ecosystem and sequences.

👉 Start your campaigns with a video with a campaign objective of VIDEO VIEWS


Video views count as engagement. This allows you to retarget anyone who has viewed a video from your Business Page for up to 365 days after their last engagement.

This is the most cost-effective way to get new, targeted prospects into your marketing ecosystem.


You’re able to create custom audiences based upon engagement or website traffic. Identify which engagement you’re tracking and at what stage of awareness those prospects are at. Create custom audiences and then retarget to the next step of your marketing sequence.


Advertise video. Retarget video views into lead magnet. Retarget lead magnet opt-ins into offers.

Make sense?


Once you have reasonable engagement, website traffic or conversions, set up lookalike audiences and have Facebook find the rest of the people who match the profile of the people who have taken the action you're targeting.

I hope this helps you get your business incredible results.

The key factor is understanding the strategy around which SPECIFIC stage of awareness you need to target your messaging towards.

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