Why You Need To Use One-Minute Videos In Your Social Media Advertising

Are you using one-minute videos in your advertising on Facebook and Instagram? If not, you’re missing a massive opportunity. Keep reading to learn why...

One minute video length allows you to publish on both Facebook & Instagram (Instagram maxes at one-minute videos).

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you’re able to utilize the same advertisement to publish on both platforms, saving you money both on your content development budget as well as being able to direct traffic to the same advertisement rather than splitting traffic into different campaigns for each platform.

See the savings?

Want to take it to the next level?

Share informative and helpful tips showcasing the benefits of what you offer.

It’s ok to use more than one video, if this gives you ideas.  

You’re probably wondering, ok, seems helpful. But how does this ACTUALLY help me?

Here’s the facts.

You're able to retarget video views from a Business Page on Facebook and Instagram.

The definition of a video view is 3 seconds viewed without audio turned on.

Do you see how that can be powerful?

As an advertiser, you can target and attract clients with videos, then retarget those clients towards your ideal result (i.e. sales or lead generation), nurturing them through education marketing while pre-framing towards a buying decision.

So what’s the next step of the sale?

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