AI Digital Suite received a referral recently.

The client is looking to test Facebook Advertising for his business.

The opportunity has three exciting elements.

The first is how established the client’s brand is.

The project is niched & known.

The customer base means there’s opportunity.

The second is the specialty products that combine sustainability with automated fulfillment.

As an advertiser, confidence in the customer experience is key.

The third element is the dynamic mix of brand & product videos.


On activating the campaign with the first video, we saw purchases from the customer list.

This quickly cooled down.

Our first video was shown to a small portion of our new audience. 

These people were retargeted for future promotions.

Most of the income happened during retargeting.

Each product video was tested until the product converted.

This strategy lead to $2951.570 converted into $10,185.53.

Campaign ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) was 3.45.

Meaning that, for every dollar in ad spend, the campaign made $3.45.

This period of testing is most expensive part of campaigns.

We'll see improved margins as the cycle restarts.

Here’s to success!